14-year-old boy waits by girl's side for medical help after stumble

CINCINNATI -- A young girl took a stumble on Kemper Road in Forest Park Monday morning.

She went down around 7 a.m., and called 911 for help. She told the operator she needed help and was on the sidewalk. After that, she stopped talking and the call remained silent for 64 seconds.

As she laid in the grass, a driver passed her but the car kept going. It was 14-year-old Jeremiah Beavers who was walking by and stopped.

"I just walked for like, at least 30 seconds and noticed that she wasn't getting back up," Beavers told 9 On Your Side's Tony Mirones. "So then I started running down the hill towards her."

Even though he stayed calm for the girl while medical help was on the way, he was terrified of what could happen to her, especially when she started shaking.

"That was like," Beavers said, "that was blowing my mind, like I'm right here with nobody else around me."

Jeremiah's mom, Ebony Kemp is proud of her son for stopping and waiting. 

"Just like the cars on the side of the street did, they just kept going, he could have kept going, but he didn't," Kemp told Mirones. "He chose to do what was right."

"It's always gonna pay off in the end," Beavers said.

Mirones received no information Monday afternoon on the girl's condition.

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