Dennis Janson: Celebrating two only-in-America moments in high school and college sports

CINCINNATI -- It was a privilege to witness two only-in-America moments Saturday. The official opening of Jack Adam Stadium, Elder High School’s state of the art baseball facility on Quebec Road and a double barreled blast from the past/future at Miami University.

Elder’s new home for the Panthers hard-ballers is more an only-in-Price Hill phenomena. Only in Price Hill would a group of alums, from well- grounded to well-heeled take the time, devote the money and labor to create a one of a kind emporium for several outdoor sports. The Panther Athletic Conference, a pie-in-the sky concept 10 years ago is now a regal reality. Alum Jack Adam issued the challenge to fellow Elder grads: "I’ll put up a half-million, you fill in the balance."

Everyone associated with the project can proudly proclaim mission accomplished.

And just up the road in Oxford, little did John Harbaugh realize when he was laboring at defensive back for coach Tom Reed, that he would be the linchpin between Miami University's past and present.  

And for it to be the crowning touch to the day when ground was broken for a new Redhawks indoor sports center, centered around a magnificent domed all weather facility.

He spoke Saturday about how it all happened and where it all started: Oxford, Ohio, with an indomitable faith in his Lord, his family and himself.

“With faith, all things are possible. But it takes others to help push us to great things,'' he said.

Harbaugh is a great son, husband and father who just happens to be a great football coach.

Congratulations to him on the unique honor bestowed on him by his alma mater and to Elder High School graduates.

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