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Our team at WCPO continues to be inspired by the people of Greater Cincinnati. At WCPO, we're on a journey of re-imagining the role a local media organization can play in our city. You may have noticed some staff changes, new partnerships such as TEDx Cincinnati or The Washington Post and maybe some stories you wouldn't normally expect. 

When you land on, you will be able to easily identify WCPO Insider stories marked with a  “+” next to the headline. WCPO Insider is an inclusive community, not only connecting you with great stories, but also the people and places behind those stories. 

Why are we going to do this? We're neighbors, friends, perfect strangers, athletes, students, innovators, volunteers, builders, life-changers. Whether it's passions, interests, talents, or ideas, we all have the potential and the ability to contribute to our neighborhood and the people around us.

Our promise to you is that we will add to the story through the content we create. We will add to our community and your experiences through the partnerships we create. And we will add to the conversation through the connections we make. 

We’re doing this together and it's time to add you as a part of WCPO.

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