hopes to bring homebrewing to a kitchen near you

Service offers 1 gallon beer kits for $20/month

CINCINNATI -- Homebrewing sometimes faces a bit of a Goldilocks problem. Some find the bar to entry to high, while others get consumed by the hobby and devout untold time and money to it.

Thus enters , a service hoping to make it easier for people to give brewing a shot without spending too much money or who are afraid they aren't up to the task.

According to the company, the service will provide people a kit to make a 1-gallon batch of beer every month. That kit would make two six-packs of beer.

Each month will be a different brew and BrewCrate promises to deliver the freshest ingredients at $20 per month. The service requires a $50 startup fee.

The BrewCrate creators said they have put hundreds of hours into crafting their recipes and instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

BrewCrate said its kits are all-grain recipes and vary from clones of beer lovers' favorite store-bought brews to unique recipes of their own making.

Sam Gimbel, co-founder and chief executive office, said the monthly kit will include all the grain, hopes sanitizer, bottle caps and yeast necessary to make the whole batch.

Gimbel said the starter kit will include a fermenting vessel, auto-siphon, tubing, airlock and bottle capper, as well. All told, it's everything to get off the ground.

"We chose one gallon for a variety of reasons. First off, most people getting into the hobby are intimidated by a 5-gallon commitment -- which tends to be the normal size -- and may not feel like shelling out the money for the equipment required. Secondly, one gallon is manageable from a quality perspective, whereas larger batches require tradeoffs unless you have the aforementioned equipment. And finally, we want this to be easy. It should arrive on your doorstep in a small package and be easily stored, brewed, and chilled," Gimbel said.

The launch of BrewCrate comes right at the holiday season and the service promises to be the perfect gift for DIY geeks and beer enthusiasts.

BrewCrate also said early adopters will get three months of beer kits for $75 as a celebration of the launch.

The first three kits from BrewCrate are:

  1. Winter Warmer (cinnamon and nutmeg spiced dark ale)
  2. Milk Stout (lactose added for sweetness, a dry stout for the lactose intolerant)
  3. Early-Spring IPA (single-hopped IPA)

Expect a review and more on BrewCrate in the future as 9beer tries a test kit to make sure you Don't Waste Your Money .

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