BrewProf: Reds to introduce craft beer bar for 2014 Season

CINCINNATI -- A curious bit of information coming from Reds chief operating office Phil Castellini ought to warm the hearts of the good beer drinking Reds fan.

They have plans to introduce a new craft beer bar at Great American Ball Park for the 2014 season. The project is still materializing but here is what I know so far.

  • The bar will be 86 feet long and will be located in the concourse between the Gap and third base.
  • It will serve draft beer only.  Originally envisioned to have 60 taps, it looks like some space constraints for the fridge will tame it down to a “mere” 30 taps.
  • It’s still being worked out as to whether there will be 30 different beers or perhaps a lesser quantity with some repeating handles.  Also, that 30 number could possibly move up or down.  The details are still being hashed out.

There won’t be any packaged craft beer here so you’ll have to walk to other two fantastic craft beer stands to get your MadTree (and perhaps Rhinegeist) can fix.

In other craft beer news, it seems that our undying thirst for great beer has caught the attention of the bean counters.  It looks like there could be some shakeups in the price and volume of craft draft next season.

I hope you enjoyed 20 oz. good beers for $8.50 because that is likely a thing of the past.

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