Review: 'Quality Street' captures audience at Scott High

The idea of timing has been said to be the most critical aspect of falling in love. The timing must be perfect or else the two lovers will never witness the possibility of what might be. This power of fate was witnessed in Scott High School’s hilarious and charming production of “Quality Street” this past weekend. With beautiful ball gowns, vibrant facial expressions and nicely executed accents the show was not one to miss.

“Quality Street,” written by J.M. Barrie, tells the hysterical story of Phoebe, a once beautiful school teacher, and her relationship with the ever-so-delightful Valentine Brown. Phoebe is certain that Valentine will propose, but when his big news turns out to be his departure to the war, Phoebe is left to pick up the pieces of her life. She opens a school for children with her vibrant sister, Susan, and they seem to lead successful, single lives.

However 10 years later, Valentine returns, and is greeted by a tired, aged Phoebe. Instead of letting Valentine get away again, Phoebe decides to bring back her youthful curls and former beauty. Trouble starts to boil when she changes her own identity, and now Susan and Phoebe must find a way to win back Valentine and keep the town ladies off their backs.

Dulcinea Gurley played the complex role of Phoebe. She led the cast with energy and an impressive focus that resonated throughout the entire show. Gurley managed to create two separate characters, both of which had in depth character development. Robie Sumner played Valentine Brown, Phoebe’s valiant love interest.  Sumner’s confidence led this character to such a believable level. His voice was clear and precise, yet carefully spoken. He was completely successful in his portrayal, and created an extremely likable presence on stage.

Bridget Nicholas as Susan stole the show with her hilarious facial expressions and witty physicality. Her voice was distinct and had incredible variation. With an unbelievable talent in comedy, Nicholas created a character that simply brought joy to the scene, every time she stepped on the stage. Her character was bold and over the top, yet controlled which contributed to her immense amount of stage presence. She was entertaining, hilarious and her overall performance was simply impressive.

In addition to the talented cast, the technical crew really stood out, especially for the costumes. Every girl on stage was decked out in beautiful gowns, shawls and bonnets. Ashley Collins, Erin Glynn, Kylie Gross and Marissa Toschlog deserve much applause for the beautiful detailing of each individual outfit. The set was also notable for its simplicity and versatility. The creativity of the window even allowed the actors to further their character development.

Overall, the show was full of energy and it was clear the cast and crew had spent many hours preparing. Even the minor characters showed a great depth and focus, especially in the Ball scene. Although the accents sometimes fringed understanding the dialogue, it was a bold move that was certainly not overlooked. 
As the actors took their final bows and the curtains closed, the only thing left in the auditorium was bounds of smiling faces. Scott High School’s production of “Quality Street” was a smashing success, and truly let the humorous story of love and gossip come to life.

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