Reviews: Cooper students perform ‘Seussical'

Tyler Hausfeld

Purcell Marian High School

Cooper High School’s set for “Seussical” was brightly colored and definitely captured the look of the Dr. Seuss world. The costumes for the show also had the ideal look and were neatly done. Another task Cooper overcame was not being able to use gel lighting. They worked well with what they had and also did a good job using spotlighting to capture intense scenes such as “Havin’ a Hunch” or playful scenes such as “It’s Possible.”

Ellie Conniff

Highlands High School

The show's main antagonist, the Sour Kangaroo played by Khyra Oldham, is a role that requires a great vocal talent and a large amount of sass. Oldham definitely brought both elements to the character, and did so with style and grace that was entertaining to watch. Although the ensemble was not very strong vocally, they made up for it through strong dance abilities, especially demonstrated by the Bird Girls, all of whom were wonderful dancers with fabulous stage presence.

Ian Hunt

Purcell Marian High School

Many of the small roles in the performance stood out, such as Yertle the Turtle slowly hobbling onto stage, to an injured blind Who stumbling out during a song, the cast really showed that "a person's a person no matter how small." Some characters were too quiet or weren't very expressive, and some jokes fell flat, but the colorful dancing and interesting characters made up for these minor setbacks.

Meg Tobin

Purcell Marian High School

Harmonies are not easy to learn and the bird girls, who have lots of harmonies, were spot on. Not only were they sensational vocalists they were also great dancers and actresses. Like other characters the bird girls would react to everything happening on stage even if they were not the main focus. Horton, the Cat in the hat, and Gertrude were also very good at staying in character the whole time they were on stage.

Virginia Kavanaugh

Larry A. Ryle High School

Cooper High School's production used all the resources they had, and pulled together to create a lovely premier “Seussical” show. Using interesting lighting effects and overcoming sound problems, the cast and crew deliver a musical favorite with comic timing, a Cat in the Hat breaking the fourth wall and many animal antics in the forms of coordinated dance ensembles and funny stage business.

Sidney Johnson

Taylor High School

The Cat in the Hat, played by Austin Kevin Moore, was the central comedic character in the show. His silly dances and amusing attitude had some audience members laughing out loud. Although there were a few awkward scene changes in the show, Austin did a good job of keeping the audience laughing and giving the stage crew some room for error.

Alex Harrison

Elder and Seton High Schools

The entire cast did a great job of conveying energy from the stories represented. The Whovian citizens appropriately displayed cheerfulness during the good times and fright or despair during the feeling of threat. Horton’s neighbors accurately portrayed the mob mentality that occurs during Horton’s trial. Overall the cast sang well and triumphantly danced to seal in a wonderful performance.

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