Child found wandering cold, wet and alone on Hamilton, Ohio streets

Parents found living in deplorable conditions

HAMILTON, Ohio – An 18-month-old child was found shivering cold in wet pajamas wandering alone on Dayton Street Wednesday morning.

Hamilton police officers responded to a call from Charles Webb who saw the child in an alley.

"Right here walking back and forth like she was distraught and lost. And poor little thing was so cold. All she had was a little onesie outfit on, no gloves, no hat no jacket, no nothing," Webb said while standing at the alley.

Webb proceeded to call call his girlfriend over and sat the child in the car to warm up as he called the police.

"If he wouldn't have taken an active role that the child could have gone further from the house," said Det. Rich Burkhardt with the Hamilton Police Department.

Upon further investigation it was also discovered that two adults responsible for the child lived nearby in a house without working electricity, running water, and “an inadequate amount of food," according to a filed police report.

“There was also a five gallon bucket of feces in the main bathroom of the house,” an incident report detailed.

Four other children were found in the house. No charges were immediately filed in the incident. The names of the parents were not immediately available.

"When the parents did see the little girl to identify her you would think most children would go right back to her mother. She clung on to my fiance and would not let go, like she did not want to back to her parents," Webb said of the little girl found. "They said she had probably been outside for between two and four hours. Thank God that I was late walking my dog that day."

The children were transported to Children’s Hospital for a medical examination before being placed in the care of Butler County Children Services.

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