Weddings & Celebrations: A top gun marries his princess and romance goes from pub crawl to proposal

LOVE CITY, USA - This week, two hopeful boyfriends pull out all the stops to engineer memorable proposal, and a new bride hopes her husband will always put her before his favorite sports team. Read on to learn how you can share your love story!

Top gun marries his princess

Just Married: Nick and Sarah Thoma
When: October 5, 2013
Wedding & Reception: Shaker Run Golf Course, Cincinnati
Maid/Matron of Honor: Jacalyn Joyner, sister of the bride
Best Man: Marc Thoma, brother of the groom

Sarah Jones, daughter of Doug and Cathy Jones of Cincinnati, was married on Saturday, October 5 to Nick Thoma, son of Greg and Deborah Thoma of Dayton.

Mrs. Thoma, 25, is an ICU nurse. Mr. Thoma, 24, is a manager at A&B Iron and Metal. The pair met in 2011 at Wright State University.

The ceremony was officiated by Cathy Glista from Southbrook Church. A family friend made an arch filled with autumn leaves, flowers, berries and greenery for the couple, complimented by beautiful orange mums, one on each side of the arch.

The groomsmen were decked out in tiffany blue vests and bow ties, and the bridal party wore different styles of dresses in a gorgeous shade of champagne. The maid of honor wore a special gold and white knee-length gown, covered in lace to match the bride.

As a special gift to her bridal party, the bride created charms featuring a photograph of herself with each bridesmaid and placed them on their bouquets. As the bridal party made its way down the aisle, Berlin’s, “Take My Breath Away” from the film, Top Gun, played--a tribute to the groom’s favorite movie.

The bride chose to walk down the aisle to James Horner’s, “For the Love of a Princess” from her favorite film, "Braveheart." The couple had seven children in their ceremony, all seven years of age or younger. To add a touch of humor to the vows, the bride asked Cathy Glista to request a special promise from the groom: to always put his bride above his love for his favorite team, the Dayton Flyers.

At the reception, guests were treated to an open bar, an assortment of appetizers, and a spice cake with apple frosting. Each member of the wedding party had a customized introduction, and they even incorporated the “dollar dance," where people paid to dance with either the bride or the groom.

The couple also chose to include an anniversary dance, rewarding the two top couples who participated with mums from the ceremony. For favors, the pair had a photo booth for everyone to use and create memorable take home photo strips, as well as Jordan almonds, an Italian tradition of the groom’s family. Tables were numbered in years ranging from 1989 to 2007, each with a photo of the bride and groom from that particular year.

The couple currently resides in Dayton and plan to stay in the area now that they are married.

From pub crawl to (very) memorable proposal

Newly Engaged: Brian Herberth and Ashley Fisher
Wedding date: March 1, 2014
Location of Wedding/Reception: The Redmoor, Cincinnati

Ashley Fisher, daughter of Mark and Kathy Fisher of Morrow, is engaged to Brian Herberth, son of Sharon Gosney of West Chester.

Ms. Fisher, 30, works in digital sales at WCPO. Mr. Herberth, 34, works for Prepaid Xpress as an outside sales representative.

The pair met on March 26, 2011 at a charity pub crawl benefiting cystic fibrosis. Although they were smitten at first sight, it was not until reaching the sixth bar that the groom-to-be developed enough liquid courage to ask for Ms. Fisher’s number. A few days later, they went on their first official date, at Pitrelli’s Italian restaurant in Mason. Although the evening was filled with glitches, including spilled beer and an awkward lean in and kiss me move by the bride-to-be, the next date sealed the deal and the couple has been together ever since.

While the two had discussed marriage over their two-year courtship, no major plans had ever been laid. However, Mr. Herberth did indeed have a few thoughts on the matter, and was working quite diligently on an unforgettable proposal.

On July 6, the two had plans to go away for Miss Fisher's birthday. A few days prior, they were scheduled to head to her parens house for a pre-birthday party. They arrived to a line of family and friends wearing T-shirts that spelled out, “Happy Birthday.”

Suddenly, the crowd began to dance as the song, “Going to the Chapel”. Soon, each person wearing the special t-shirts turned around, displaying a new message to the birthday girl that read, “Will You Marry Me!” At that point, Mr. Herberth dropped to one knee and made the proposal official.

The pair currently resides in Cincinnati and plan to remain in the area after their nuptials. The bride says although she’s heard quite a few creative and romantic engagement stories, her own will forever

be her favorite.

Engineering the perfect proposal

Newly engaged: Josh Trauger and Breana Roth
Wedding date: July 26, 2014
Wedding: St. Francis de Sales, Cincinnati
Reception: University of Cincinnati, TUC Great Hall

Breana Roth, daughter of Steve and Diana Roth of Cincinnati, is engaged to Josh Trauger, son of Blane Trauger and Merry Jo Ford of Lebanon, Oh.

Ms. Roth, 28, is an environmental engineer with The Kroger Co., and Mr. Trauger, 28, is a project engineer with Scherzinger Drilling.

The couple met as Civil & Environmental Engineering students at the University of Cincinnati. They began talking over late fall and Thanksgiving break of 2005 and were officially seeing each other by December. Throughout college, they worked together on many school projects and organizations while continuing to date.  

Once the two graduated, they realized that they shared a unique dedication not only to each other but to the University as well. Since then, they have both remained as connected to the university as possible by attending football and basketball games and helping advise organizations they were members of during school.

Mr. Trauger figured it would take some heavy planning to incorporate a little romance and the University of Cincinnati in his proposal--not to mention complicated scheduling. After some though, he it on an idea to go down in UC history.

The couple began to prep for some Bearcat football tailgating and loaded up the car. Once at the game--and with the help of a few friends--Mr. Tauger eventually led the bride-to be to the American Society of Civil Engineers board. It was there Ms. Roth saw the plaque hanging that Mr. Trauger had made, asking her to marry him. Beside it, he had placed Concrete Canoe plaques the two had won and pictures of the both of them.

Before Miss Roth could say a word, Mr. Trauger dropped to one knee to make things official: “Breana, you are the love of my life," he said. "You are my best friend and I treasure every moment spent with you and would love to spend the rest of our lives together. Breana, will you marry me?” This was all Ms. Roth needed hear, to answer, “Yes!" Soon after the two met with family and friends to take pictures and give a reenactment of the romantic event.

The couple recently purchased a home together on the West Side of Cincinnati, and say living in the home together as husband and wife is the thing they most look forward to.

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