Weddings & Celebrations: He put a ring on it (after a scavenger hunt) & sick a day ends in proposal

LOVE CITY, USA - Is it just us, or are marriage proposals getting more creative? This week, we bring you two examples of boyfriends using their ingenuity to guarantee a "yes."

Conjuring a magic proposal

Engaged: Jamond Foree and Jasmine Coaston
Wedding date: February 14, 2014
Location of Wedding: Crossroads Community Church Chapel, Cincinnati
Location of Reception: The Madison Event Center, Covington

Jasmine Coaston, daughter of Greg Coaston of Houston, and Diane Williams of Cincinnati, is engaged to Jamond Foree, son of Joevonne and Christine Foree of Cincinnati.

Ms. Coaston, 29, is an after-school coordinator at Rothenberg Academy. Mr. Foree, 25, is the lead site coordinator for the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. The two met on Valentine’s Day five years ago and have been inseparable ever since. While both say they knew "it was love" from the very first day, they became friends first.

In March 2013, Mr. Foree went to check on his bride-to-be as she was feeling ill. Although his initial plans were for a grand proposal, he instead surprised Ms. Coaston with breakfast in bed and spent the day cleaning while she rested.

When she awoke feeling a little sad, her groom-to-be asked if she thought a magic trick would cheer her up. The bride-to-be seemed less than enthused at first, but she agreed. Mr. Foree then asked her to close her eyes. After a few seconds, when he instructed her to open them, Ms. Coaston looked down to see her groom-to-be at her bedside, on one knee, holding a ring. After a loud scream by Ms. Coaston, Mr. Foree officially asked for her hand in marriage, to which she replied, “Yes!”

The couple says they are truly best friends, so much so that people who know them joke they are not a couple, but instead the same person. Ms. Coaston says that she is drawn to Mr. Foree’s kind heart, and he to her ability to inspire, challenge, and bring him out of his own introverted shell.

The couple plans to travel to every continent together with the exception of Antarctica, a climate the two deem, “too cold for their hot love!”

  • Why it works: The pair says if they had to pin down a song to describe their romance, it would be, “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Having waited so long for this love, they feel honored to share their lives with another person with the same passion for things like social justice and equality. Even through life’s little bumps in the road, they both still feel “lucky” to still be in a love that seems to grow stronger with every passing day.

While the couple does plan to branch out through travel, they say that they have solid roots in the Tri-State area, and plan to remain here after their marriage.

Scavenger hunt leads to engagement ring

Newly engaged: Andrew Berding and Jessica Miller
Wedding date: July 26, 2014
Location of wedding & reception: DeVannas on the Lake. Cold Spring, Ky.

Jessica Miller, daughter of Tom and Linda Miller of Cincinnati, is engaged to Andrew Berding, son of David and Kimberly Berding, also of Cincinnati.

Ms. Miller, 24, is a full-time student at the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Berding, 25, is a payroll supervisor at First Group America Inc.

The pair were set up on a blind date in December 2009 by a high school friend of the groom-to-be who was working with Ms. Miller at the time. Mr. Berding said although neither admitted "it was love" until about three months later, he knew he loved his bride-to-be after the first date.

In January 2013, the couple’s third dating anniversary, Mr. Berding staged a scavenger hunt and enlisted friends and family to help. The first surprise came when Ms. Miller arrived home after class to find Mr. Berding’s cousin and aunt waiting for her with an envelope explaining that he had put together a scavenger hunt ; she needed to follow all of the instructions to receive her anniversary gift.

The bride-to-be embarked on her adventure, making stops at special locations around the West Side and finally ending her hunt at Newport on the Levee. When Ms. Miller arrived, her groom-to-be was waiting at the top of the escalator on one knee, with ring in hand. When she reached the top, Mr. Berding officially popped the question with family present to witness the joyous occasion.

The couple says their love story is a special one because they rarely argue; Instead, they prefer to make one another laugh and accept each other’s differences. They say they are most excited to finally be married and to travel overseas together before eventually starting a family.

  • Why it works: Regardless of some annoying quirks, such as Ms. Miller’s knack for losing her keys (regardless of the special key hook that her groom-to-be reminds her of), the couple tried to focus on the positive.The pair believes in compromise;
    • two of their favorite programs to watch together were Dexter and Breaking Bad, because neither catered to Ms. Miller’s love of romantic comedies or Mr. Berding’s love of action flicks.

    The couple plans to remain in the Cincinnati area until after they start a family, with hopes of eventually moving to Virginia or North Carolina.

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