Weddings & Celebrations: One proposal long in the planning, another on the spur of the moment

Liquid courage leads to tweets... and love

Newly engaged: Jeff Cobb and Nicole Jameson
Wedding date: July 12, 2014
Location of Wedding: Saints Peter and Paul, Danville, Ky.
Reception: Danville Country Club, Danville, Ky.

Nicole Jameson, daughter of Robert and Grace Jameson of Danville, Ky., is engaged to Jeff Cobb, son of Jim and Kathy Cobb of Cincinnati.

Ms. Jameson, 23, is a nanny. Mr. Cobb, 24, is a sales representative. The pair met in November 2011 at a Leadership Retreat that was held by the Northern Kentucky University Norse Leadership Society  Gatlinburg, Tenn. It took a bit of liquid courage and a few deep breaths, but eventually Ms. Jameson bit the bullet and decided to introduce herself.

That intro led to days of tweeting messages back and forth, an exchange of phone numbers, and as the groom-to-be said, “The rest is history!”

Mr. Cobb added that while the couple never really had that “Aha moment,” when they knew it was love, they did recognize from the very beginning that they truly clicked and found that after about a month of seeing each other, they were completely inseparable.

The bride-to-be spent the majority of her final semester at NKU student-teaching in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and was unable to celebrate her birthday with her groom-to-be. When she arrived home in March, Mr. Cobb was determined to make her birthday special. Instead of one birthday gift, he arranged to have a special present waiting for his birthday girl each day of the week.

On Friday, the couple had plans to visit the bride-to-be’s family in Danville, Ky. Mr. Cobb decided it was the perfect time to give Ms. Jameson her final present. He said that they had always been an adventurous couple. From traveling and concerts to running, they kept things interesting through the many experiences they shared. To commemorate those special experiences and their relationship, Mr. Cobb created a scrolling timeline complete with a list of all major events as well as some special token he had kept from each event. The timeline ended on March 22, 2013, at which point Mr. Cobb got down on one knee and added the most important event of all: a marriage proposal.

The groom-to-be said that laughter is at the center their romance, and no matter what life throws the couple's way, they find humor to share and serenity in each other’s arms. Friends often comment that even in a room full of people, the two often get lost in their own little world. Mr. Cobb added that it is Ms. Jameson’s belief in him and her constant support that has made him the man he is today, and he is forever grateful to share his life with her.

  • Why it works: Even through little annoyances like Ms. Jameson’s need to always wear her groom-to-be’s sweat pants until she’s worn holes in them, Mr. Cobb cannot help but to find her adorable and irresistible. He said that he turns to both his and his bride-to-be’s parents and grandparents for relationship inspiration, as each of the couples have given the pair valuable lessons on life, love, and raising children.

Mr. Cobb said that while the couple plans to stay in Cincinnati after their nuptials, they both look forward to the many adventures they will share, and a lifetime of being together.

Cruisin' for a proposal

Newly engaged: Chad Paden and Dayton Boyd
Wedding date: July 5, 2014
Location of Wedding/Reception: Elements Event and Conference Centre, Cincinnati

Dayton Boyd, daughter of Al and Patty Alteslane of Centerville, Oh. and Bradley Boyd of St. Louis, Mo., is engaged to Chad Paden, son of Bill and Judy Paden of Springboro, Oh.

Ms. Boyd, 26, is an employee benefits administrator. Mr. Paden, 27, is a digital performance advisor. The couple met in 1998 when the bride-to-be moved to Springboro from California. The two attended school together and remained friends throughout the years. M

s. Boyd said she knew it was love when Mr. Paden accompanied her to the hospital after she’d cut her hand on some glass. Regardless of her aversion to needles and hospitals in general, she said he eased her fears and kept her smiling; she knew then that he was a keeper!

Last July, the pair took a Caribbean cruise. While they had discussed the possibility of marriage, there were no plans to become engaged in the works. One evening before dinner, Ms. Boyd went back to their cabin to take a nap while Mr. Paden headed to the ship’s sports bar.

On his way there, he stopped at a jewelry store just to browse and somehow found the ring he knew was meant for Ms. Boyd. He purchased the ring and spent the next hour contacting his bride-to-be’s parents to ask their permission to marry their daughter and his own parents to fill them in on his plan. After careful preparation, he asked Ms. Boyd to marry him at dinner later that evening. The couple spent the remainder of the night telling their love story to any fellow traveler who would listen.

The couple says that what makes their relationship so special is that they built their love story on a foundation of friendship.

They have seen each other grow up--from middle school to adulthood--and have thousands of memories to share.

  • Why it works:The pair says that because they know one another so well, there’s nothing but honesty between them. Each is okay to push the other’s buttons because at the end of the day their relationship is strong enough to recover. They say that they look to their parents for relationship inspiration. For the groom-to-be, his parents have been together for more than 30 years so they offer lessons of stability and commitment. For the bride-to-be, her parents divorced when she was young, and offer lessons of mistakes not to make and how to be stronger in times of weakness.

The couple says that they love being close to family and don’t imagine they will ever move further than Dayton,  after they’re married. They look forward to sharing many adventures together like skydiving and hot air balloon rides, and eventually starting a family.

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