Can TIde Pods stain white laundry?

Don't Waste Your Money

P&G's Tide Pods are popular and convenient.

And since recent package redesigns, we are no longer hearing as many complaints about toddlers and pets trying to eat them.

But now come some new questions, about possible staining of white clothing.

Consumer Reports magazine tells of dozens of online complaints about pods leaving red, blue, or purple stains on white laundry.

Consumer Reports investigated, and says the problem can occur when the pod is tossed directly on clothing, gets trapped between layers of clothes, and does not get agitated around in the water.

The colors bleed directly onto the shirt and sit there. In a standard washer, they should rinse out, but some low-energy washers may not get enough rinse water to a pod trapped between clothing, Consumer Reports says.

Company Responds

P&G responded to Consumer Reports questions by saying:

     -Tide Pods should be placed in the water at the bottom of the washer before adding clothes.

    -Do not lay the pod on top of dry clothing, or layer it in a stack of clothing.

    -If you see any staining of whites, wash the item again, and it should disappear.
In our non-scientific test in a kitchen sink, we managed to turn a portion of a white T shirt blue by leaving a wet pod sitting directly on it for 10 minutes. 

But we found that we were able to wash the blue stains off with hot water and rubbing,  so it does not appear to be a serious issue.

P&G and Consumer Reports say if you use Tide Pods as directed you should not have staining issues.

As always, don't waste your money.


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