Exercise machines: Which product is best for your home?

Don't Waste Your Money

So you’ve made that resolution to get in shape and you want to purchase an exercise machine at home.

But which products should you buy? The latest Consumer Reports tests of exercise machines can help you choose the right one.


Consumer Reports says treadmills are a great choice to help with weight loss. Consumer Reports named the Proform Pro 2000 a best buy for around $1,200. It folds and is easy to store.


If you’re just starting out or you have back, hip or knee problems an elliptical is a great alternative to a treadmill. It creates less impact on your joints and can still give you a great cardio workout. Consumer Reports says AFG 3.1AE for $1,100 is a great choice.

Spin Bikes:

Spin bikes provide a good interval workout Consumer Reports recommends the Diamondback 510ic for $800. It has a built in work-out program that keeps you moving.

Rowing Machines:

Another option is a rowing machine. Rowing machines provide a full body workout for both upper and lower body. It’s non-weight bearing but it’s still very strenuous so it can burn a lot of calories. You do want to make sure it fits. The $900 Concept2 Model D proved comfortable for both short and tall people.

Complete Ratings and recommendations on all kinds of products, including appliances, cars and trucks and electronic gear are available on the Consumer Reports website.

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