Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail passwords stolen in data breach

Don't Waste Your Mopney

Security firms are reporting that hackers have stolen passwords for nearly two million accounts at Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

The report calls this a "massive" data breach.

The security firm Trustwave believes it was the result of keylogging software that has been capturing passwords of people whose computers were infected.

Facebook and Twitter are now emailing members whose passwords have been compromised.

What You Can Do

Even though it sounds like a major breach, 2 million accounts is actually a small percentage of the billions of accounts with these companies.

So if you do not receive any alert from your provider, consider yourself safe. (And make sure any email is really from the company, not another scammer).

To be safe, security firms suggest you do not use the same password on multiple accounts.  This way if someone gets one login, they do not get anymore.

As always, don't waste your money.


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