Has your Amazon account been hacked?

Don't Waste Your Money

Has your Amazon account really been hacked?

Or is this the most realistic-looking Phishing scam ever?

That's what a number of viewers are asking us this week, after receiving an alarming email that appears to come from Amazon.com.

Here is the text of the email, which has the familiar Amazon logo on top:


Dear Amazon customer:

Warning! Attempted intrusion into your Amazon account! Someone with ip address tried to access your personal account! We ask you to log into your Amazon account and update your confidential information! You within 24 hours to restore access to your account without those latter will be deleted.

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your Amazon account here.
(Link deleted)


The email then gives you a direct link to log into your account and check it.  But don't do it!

The email is a Phishing scam, as you may have suspected.  But with the Amazon logo and the way it is written, it appears that it could be legitimate.

But if you look closely you'll find several clues it is fake:

     -It calls you "Dear Amazon Customer," and does not address you by name.  All Amazon customers are addressed by name: my computer screen even says "welcome John" when I go to Amazon.com.

      -It gives you a link to log into your account that appears to have a foreign word, with accents, in it.

       -It contains two grammatical errors, as if written by someone who does not have the best command of English ("You within 24 hours" ..."latter will be deleted.")

These are common warning signs of a Phishing scam, whether it's from Amazon, your bank, credit card, or phone company. Legitimate companies do not make spelling or grammar errors, and will call you by name if there is really an issue.

Never click a link in a Phishing email: it could ask you for personal info, or download malware into your computer, or both.

As always, don't waste your money.

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