Insurance hikes: April is the priciest month to get speeding tickets, other citations

Don't Waste Your Money

Everyone knows a few speeding tickets will put points on your license.

But what many don’t know is a single ticket can lead to a large insurance rate hike depending on what month it is, according to .

In Ohio, there's a 13.7 percent difference between the cheapest month (December) and the most expensive month of the year to get a ticket (April). In Kentucky, that difference is 20.9 percent.

A seat belt violation in April can raise your rate the next year by 5 percent.

Not signaling, or a failure to yield in April can raise your rate by 19 percent.

Speeding 15 miles over the speed limit in April can be a 21 percent rate hike.

High rates of speed or reckless driving: 80 percent.

And a drunken driving charge in April may get you a whopping 93 percent rate hike.

According to the report , insurers see violations as a warning sign of future accidents.

And if you think you can hide your tickets, think again: your insurance company will learn about your speeding ticket almost immediately.

So drive safely, and don’t waste your money.


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