Is Burger King really changing its name?

Don't Waste Your Money

Most of us don't believe everything we read.

Then why is it we believe it when a friend shares a piece of surprising information via social media?

Burger King Hoax

Case in point: a  Facebook page claiming that Burger King is changing its name to "Fries King."
Burger King, in an effort to create buzz, is apparently behind the Facebook postings that show Fries King signs going up.
It's a hoax.

But people have been sounding off in protest on Facebook, believing the posts. According to the Facebook page , 171,000 people were recently "talking about it."

Sallie Mae Hoax

But that's not the only hoax with legs this week.

A new Sallie Mae Instagram account claimed the first 150,000 people to follow it would have their student loans forgiven.

About 60,000 people decided to follow the quasi-government agency, just it case it was real.

It was not.

Think about it:  Would an arm of the government really forgive a $40,000 student loan just for liking a Facebook or Instagram page?

At least these were in good fun, and did not ask for personal information, as some hoaxes do. One such example is the infamous "IQ Tests" scam.

Some ask for your cellphone number, and end up subscribing you to expensive premium text message services.

Treat all postings with skepticism, so you don't waste your money.

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