P&G raising prices of some Tide detergents by as much as 25 percent

CINCINNATI -- Procter & Gamble Co. is raising prices on some Tide detergents.

P&G is increasing the cost on some fancier Tide varieties by as much as 25 percent to compensate for the introduction of a lower-end version of Tide, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports .

Tide brings P&G about $2.8 billion in sales per year and holds a leading 38 percent share of the North American laundry soap business, according to Nielsen Holdings NV data. But the detergent brand is under pressure due to the rising popularity of other bargain brands like Arm & Hammer.

To compete, P&G released a lower-priced detergent called “Tide Simply Clean & Fresh.” This detergent is about 35 percent cheaper than regular Tide, which sells for about $12 for a 100-ounce bottle.

With the release of “Tide Simply Clean & Fresh,” P&G has spiked the prices of its line of upgraded Tide detergents like Tide Plus and Tide with Febreze.

Basically, every variation of Tide that is not regular brand or the Clean & Fresh brand will be getting a price hike.

And P&G has a trick up its sleeves to get consumers to pay for the price increase: They won’t notice.

Instead of upping the cost of each bottle of its higher-end detergents, P&G is shrinking the size of the container. WSJ reports 100-ounce bottles will become 92 ounces, and 50 ounce bottles will be downsized to 46 ounces.

P&G is also reducing the number of loads per Tide bottle. The current 100-ounce bottle of Tide with Febreze scent contains 60 loads. The new 92-ounce version will be good for 48 loads, WSJ reports.

The price of regular Tide won't change.

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