Secret revealed about reviews

Don't Waste Your Money

Many of us read product reviews from, assuming they were posted by someone who bought the  product, and wrote about his or her experience.

But it turns out some of those reviewers may be getting products for free.

The reviews that appear first are from top reviewers, who according to a report on NPR, often did not purchase that toaster or television.

Who are these reviewers?

Instead, many of the people at the top of the comments section are part of Amazon's "Vine" community.  They are chosen because they have written well thought reviews in the past.

So Amazon then sends them more items free of charge to try out and keep. The only requirement is that they must not sell it.

Amazon chooses this method because it says it's the best way to get unbiased reviews, reviews that are written well, and to avoid a stream of  customer complaints

Amazon claims that most "average consumers" who post a review do so because they were not happy with the item, received a defective one, or it did not do what they had hoped it would do.  The company says people who receive a product and are satisfied usually don't write that they are happy.

This is just another reason to take those reviews with a grain of salt, so you don't waste your money.


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