Some Verizon 4G phones bumped down to 3G

Don't Waste Your Money

Verizon Wireless gets top ratings in almost every customer survey, whether it's from Consumer Reports Magazine, JD Power or other publications.

When it comes to coverage and customer service, Verizon usually can't be beat.

But some of its customers are not very happy, after finding their phones are running slower than they should be. Some say they recently purchased 4G LTE iPhones or Galaxy devices, only to find them rarely working on the LTE network. 

They were left to wonder: Who's to blame? Is it a problem with the phone, the cell towers or something else?

Verizon Admits "Downgrading" Some Customers

Verizon's Chief Financial Officer this week said its networks are under pressure from the incredible amount of data 4G LTE phone owners are using. He said 4G users average six times more data use than a 3G user.

As a result, he says, some 4G users are getting bumped down to the older 3G network, especially around  bigger cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, during the afternoon. But it can happen in other areas too.

He says Verizon is working on upgrades, and is confident the problem should be fixed by New Year's Eve.

As always, don't waste your money.


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