Space heaters, snow shovels, in short supply

Don't Waste Your Money

If you are in need of a space heater, you may want to grab one soon.

Stores all over the eastern half of the U.S. -- from Florida to Boston -- are reporting shortages of heaters as a result of the this cold January.

So we checked the dwindling supplies in the Cincinnati area, along with supplies of salt and shovels as well.

Home Depots Running Low

Heading to Home Depot to buy an electric space heater? You may want to call ahead.

We checked several Home Depot stores in the Cincinnati area -- Ridge Avenue in Columbia Township, as well as Glenway Avenue in Western Hills and Cold Spring, Ky. -- and found empty shelves where space heaters used to be.

And only a few snow shovels were left.

One Home Depot store said they had some kerosene heaters, but that's it.

Two local Lowes stores told us they still have a few space heaters left, but said they are selling fast.

And news reports from other states report similar shortages, especially in Georgia and Florida, where stores don't stock many space heaters to begin with.

Neighborhood Stores May Have Better Stocks
Meantime, at ACE Hardware in Hyde Park Plaza, space heaters, salt and shovels have been flying off the shelves.

Assistant Manager Shawn Moore said, "It got cold and you people came in and bought what they need, and they pretty much wiped us out, pretty much every heater gone off the shelves. All the ice melter sold out."

But Moore says ACE has been fortunate: They have been able to restock winter supplies, even including hot selling space heaters and pipe insulation.

That was good news to Ally Gotey, who was desperate for some quality ice melter.

"With the cold weather coming back, I just wanted whatever doesn't freeze under 20 degrees," she said.

Moore said neighborhood hardware stores will stick with winter supplies as long as old man winter sticks around.
Many big box stores, however, are already changing over their cold weather section to lawn and garden supplies

That's great if you are planning your spring gardening, not so much if you need a heater, or are a little tyke just hoping mom can buy you a sled.

As always, don't waste your money.


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