What to buy, and not buy, in October

Don't Waste Your Money

We're in October, a month when many shoppers start thinking about the holiday season, and making their lists for things to buy on Black Friday.

But the website DealNews.com says you can find some great deals this month, that don't require waiting for the holiday rush.  Of course, there are some things you should not buy now, because they will go on sale starting the 3rd week of November.

So here is DealNews' list of what to buy, and what not to buy this month.

What to Buy Now

DealNews says this is a great time of year to buy:

       -A 2013 car, as dealers clear the lots of the old models. It says look for markdowns of 10% to 20% below sticker price.

      -Next spring or summer's travel.  You can now book airline tickets through August 2014, so now is the time to grab seats and packages, especially for Spring Break.  The worst time to book Spring Break travel is during the December holidays, when everyone else is planning their beach trip.

      -Grills and patio furniture, if you can still find any in stores.

     -Halloween costumes, the week before Halloween. Don't buy them the first week of October, unless yours is a rare costume that may sell out.  Stores will slash the price of Darth Vader masks and skeleton suits starting about October 20th.

What to Wait On

Dealnews says October is NOT a good time to buy:

       -A big screen HDTV.  In fact, DealNews says October is the worst time to buy a big TV, because the biggest markdowns of the year start around November 15th, and continue until Christmas.

       -Winter clothing:  It won't go on sale until Black Friday, and you don't need it yet.

       -Backyard Fire Pits:  Everyone wants one right now, so expect to pay full price.  They go on sale after Christmas.

What about appliances?  Stores always run sales, so you may find a good deal.  And if you need a refrigerator, you need a refrigerator.

But DealNews says you will find some super appliance sales around Black Friday, if you can keep your milk and eggs from spoiling between now and then.

As always, don't waste your money.


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