Would you be seen in a $99 wedding gown?

Don't Waste Your Money

It's the start of wedding season, and one of the first shocks to recently engaged couples is the cost of that bridal gown.

A decent wedding dress can now cost $2,000 or more, and even a budget dress is around $500.

So what would you think of a bridal gown for just $99, cheaper than the price of the average bridesmaid dress?

The discount fashion store H&M has just unveiled a new line of wedding dresses for under 100 bucks.

But is it something brides would want to be seen in? It depends if you like being seen as frugal.

Cheap Dresses Coming Soon

H&M will start selling a white sleeveless bridal gown for $99 in April.  It may add more dresses at a later date.

It follows the lead of Target, which currently offers two $99 bridal gowns on its website, and Costco, which offers members a $100 dress.

The Washington Post says this is "opposite everything the wedding industry stands for," where every part of the event, from catering to clothing is known for inflated prices.

Will Brides Want it?

It's not a bad looking dress at first glance.

The only real downside is that if a lot of brides decide to purchase this one gown, they may see themselves coming and going.

Worse, some guests may comment that the bride is cheap. Of course, others may admire her for that quality.

As always, don't waste your money.


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