Warm weather gives Tri-State residents chance to winter proof automobiles at car-wash businesses

Some of the busiest businesses in the Tri-State on Saturday were car washes as people looked to take advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures to further winter proof their automobile.

In addition to enjoying the visual pleasures of a shiny vehicle, cleaning your car is important to maintaining its vehicular health, according to representatives from AAA Allied Group, Inc.

After it snows, getting your automobile washed will not only help improve visibility when you're driving but keep you safe on the roads, said the reps from AAA, which provides automotive, travel and insurance services to 53 million members nationwide.

The organization also says you should wash every inch of the car from top to bottom as well as the under-body and each wheel. The underbody wash protects the brake lines and other parts from rust and corrosion.

Lastly, don’t forget to make sure the windshield wipers are clear of dirt and debris. Dirty windshield wipers will not only affect your visibility but can also damage the windshield.

Car maintenance is so important that AAA purchased Rainbow Car Wash on Central Parkway as a way to boost its long-term business strategy to offer services at every stage of the auto ownership experience.

You can find more winter driving trips from AAA at the following link: https://bitly.com/shorten/

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