9 Q&A: LOC Card aims to unite rewards programs, help merchants serve and connect with customers

CINCINNATI - How many retailer rewards programs do you belong to? And, how many pieces of plastic can one key chain, purse or wallet hold?

The LOC Card has yet to hit it big in its own Tri-State backyard, but the company has high hopes based on early consumer research and success in another region of the country.

9 Questions for LOC Enterprises President Jack Kennamer

1. What inspired the LOC card?

Inspiration came while I was standing in line at a major sporting goods store. I started hearing this cadence: "Do you have a rewards card? No. Do you want one? No." I kept hearing it over and over again. Finally, a lady in the next line over answers, "Sure, I’d like one," and a guy behind her lets out a big sigh as she starts providing information to the cashier for the application. The guy behind finally says, "Come on already, I’ve got to go." Then the cashier asks the guy in front of me the same question and he holds up a key ring brimming with what looked to be a hundred key fobs, and he says "No room for you."

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