Downtown residential project courts Kroger as retail anchor

Rookwood Properties: We'd be happy to have them

CINCINNATI - Blue Ash developer Rookwood Properties is exploring a downtown residential project of up to $50 million at the corner of Central Parkway and Walnut Street, where Cincinnati’s streetcar line makes a right turn toward the Banks project and a grocery store could literally be built in the shadow of Kroger Co. headquarters.

“There would probably be room for a grocery store,” said Rookwood Properties partner Fred Kanter. “It’s accessible to Over the Rhine and the residential population to the south.”

Kanter retained GBBN Architects to work up design concepts for the project, which would include retail space of up to 25,000 square feet, a parking garage of up to 500 spaces and 150 to 200 apartment units.

Kanter said he showed his plans to Kroger earlier this year, but declined to comment on whether the retailer is interested. Kroger has not responded to WCPO inquiries about the potential downtown site.

“We’d be happy to have them there under the right circumstances,” Kanter said.

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