Moeller coach's letter supporting convict sparks comparisons to Archdiocese teacher controversies

Coach says Galemmo was among 'best parents'

CINCINNATI - The Ponzi scheme allegations that brought Glenn Galemmo to a federal sentencing hearing Wednesday also sparked a bit of a dustup within the halls of Moeller High School. The controversy involved a character-reference letter written on Galemmo’s behalf by Carl Kremer, Moeller’s basketball coach and dean of students.

“I could always count on Glen and Kris (Galemmo) if we needed any kind of activity organized,” Kremer wrote on Moeller stationary in a one-page letter that was attached to an Aug. 19 plea for leniency in the case. “I count them both among the few best parents we’ve ever had in our program and being at Moeller that is saying a lot.”

It didn’t take long before complaints about letter made their way to Moeller President Bill Hunt, who had “an extensive conversation” with Kremer Aug. 22 and submitted his own letter to U.S. District Judge Herman Weber Tuesday. The letter said Kremer’s views do not reflect the opinions of Moeller High School.

“The school certainly does not support Carl’s individual opinion,” Hunt told WCPO. “He knows now it was a mistake.”

How big a mistake was it? That depends who you ask. A well-known critic of the Cincinnati Archdiocese thinks Kremer's letter was an offense that could get him fired. Mike Moroski should know as well as anyone, having been fired from Purcell Marian High School for writing a blog in support of same sex marriage.

“If the letter was submitted as part of a plea for leniency, then that’s what it is – for good or ill,” Moroski said. “If the Archdiocese has no issue with this, then they once again have shown their wild hypocrisy.”

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