Staying Power: If the shoe fits (or the belt doesn't) head to Mt. Lookout Shoe Repair for a fix

CINCINNATI - What does it take for a family business to survive and thrive for 25 years or more? Our weekly  feature shares the secrets to success of local businesses with staying power.

Mt. Lookout Shoe Repair

"I can fix any equipment, I can fix anything, plus I had the basics, if I didn’t know how to do it, I would find out how to do it." -- Mike Burns

In trying to sum up Mt. Lookout Shoe Repair's services, you might do better ask, "What don't you fix?" In addition to the obvious (shoes and belts), there's more. Much more.

Growing up, Mike Burns said his family faced financial challenges. Being the only boy with three sisters, Burns said at age 13, he went to work for Rand Shoe Repair in downtown Cincinnati to help his mother and father support the family. 

He said during his first week he made more than $100, which seemed like and enormous amount of money at the time. As he continued to work at the business, he learned from the best teachers in the industry.

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