Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapper moved to Lorain Correctional Institution


CLEVELAND (AP) -- An Ohio corrections official says the Cleveland man sentenced to life in prison for holding three women captive over a decade and raping them repeatedly has been moved to the Lorain Correctional Institution.

Department of Rehabilitation and Correction spokeswoman JoEllen Smith says Ariel Castro was moved from a Cleveland jail to the facility in Grafton, about 24 miles away, on Friday, arriving at 6:25 p.m. She described Castro as "calm and cooperative."

Officials say Castro won't go into general population once he enters the state's prison system. He'll start his term isolated from other inmates for his own protection because of his high profile. He'll also undergo medical and mental health evaluations.

Also Friday, organizers of the Cleveland Courage Fund to help the three Cleveland women who were held captive say the fund has now raised more than $1.3 million.

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