PHOTOS: A few days with Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell

Endless queue of meetings consume chief's time

As I followed Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell around for a few days, it was tough for me to tell if I was talking to a police chief or an academic.

A bit of both, I suppose.

He recited off statistics and past experiences related to the criminal mind, economics and issues of simple survival throughout the few days I was with him. Blackwell's schedule is brutal, running from meeting to meeting and squeezing in the occasional media interview and maybe a bite to eat when he can. He hardly has time to call his wife.   

              The office of Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell is where he spends most of his time executing the department's public safety policies. Kareem Elgazzar | WCPO

              Blackwell walks across Joe Nuxhall Way for a meeting with the Cincinnati Reds to discuss 2015 All-Star Game security on Wednesday. The closed-door meeting was with regional security partners outlining the basic facts of many attendees the city should expect to protect.Kareem Elgazzar | WCPO

              Blackwell shows City Councilmember the Dallas Police Department's website as an example of what he envisions the Cincinnati police department's website should look like on Wednesday. Blackwell argued it can be too difficult for residents to reach the department in its current form. Kareem Elgazzar | WCPO

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