Effort to feed Cincinnati babies who were going hungry off to good start, study affirms

CINCINNATI – A novel way to fight hunger among Cincinnati's newborns and their families is working, according to a two-year study, emboldening Freestore Foodbank and Cincinnati Children's Hospital to push spreading the program across three states and maybe nationally.

The KIND program, short for Keeping Infants Nourished and Developing, surveys all the patients who use six pediatric clinics run by Children's, two Crossroad Health Centers and Price Hill Health Center, asking caregivers whether they ever have trouble finding enough formula for their children.

Those who answer yes to any of the hunger-related questions are offered a can of formula and a host of other support services, including access to social workers, government food assistance programs and even GED tutoring to help parents qualify for higher-paying jobs and achieve financial security.

In theory, KIND sounds good. Become a WCPO Insider to learn how this program has worked so far.



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