Field trip: Camp Joy's foster care camp aims to teach youth life skills

Foster care youths recently kicked off a new year of a program designed to help them be successful in foster care and beyond. The 2014-2015 year of the Fostering Success program began the week of July 7 at Camp Joy.

It's one of many ways Camp Joy’s staff members strive to achieve their mission of “helping people grow and succeed through lifelong, experience-based learning.”

Founded in 1937 by St. Barnabus Episcopal Church, Camp Joy is a nonprofit organization in Clarksville, Ohio.

“Our goal is helping them (campers) to that transformation and to go back to their communities and make changes in their communities as well,” said Sales and Marketing Director Kevin Hackman.

Designed for children ages 9 to 16 in foster care, Fostering Success is one of several camp programs for underserved youths and families.

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