Union Institute a trailblazer with its degrees that help moms who breastfeed

CINCINNATI –  Forget about how well she'll sleep at night, what color his eyes will be or whether she'll be fussy or content. In the first hours and days after a baby is born, many moms who choose to nurse them have one all-consuming concern: is my baby eating enough?

Breastfeeding can be surprisingly difficult for first-time and even repeat moms, whose little ones can have trouble latching correctly or staying awake long enough to get a square meal. On the other end of the relationship, mom might be blistered or fretting over milk production.

The lifeline for moms having trouble nursing is the lactation consultant, who is usually a nurse with specialized training to instruct and re-assure anxious parents.

But nurses aren't the only ones who can fill that crucial role thanks to bachelor's and masters programs in maternal and child health at Union Institute & University in Cincinnati. The program's  bachelor's and master's programs in maternal child health, with a concentration in lactation consulting.

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