Black-n-Blue: Flower girl by day, hell on wheels by night

'We're not just like a bunch of slutty girls'




FLORENCE, Ky. – Screams, grunts, profanity… and elbows fly, as the zip of clunky wheels crush the floor.

Ten rough-and-tumble girls zoom around the concrete floor. Some trying to stop the ‘jammer' from gaining points, while others are blocking to allow their jammer free reign of the floor to rack up points for their team.

Either way, there is a lot of shoving, pushing and falling. It's roller derby. And these Black-n-Bluegrass roller girls may not be who you think they are…

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but how many brides think about how they can cover possible bruises on their big day?

"I figure I have two weeks for bruises to heal," Tiffany Work said of her April 26 nuptials.

Usually, however, bruises are on her legs, so she figures her dress will cover those, she giggled.

"My mom's not very happy about me playing… but I can't miss it."

Work is referring to her other love: roller derby.

And she has a game two weeks before her wedding.

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