Zoning commission, residents reject Bellevue condominium project

BELLEVUE, Ky. -- A special meeting held Thursday gave the Bellevue zoning commission and residents the floor to voice their opinions about a proposed condominium project in the town.

Citizens aren't happy about the riverfront's Arbor Green Development -- the Ackermann Group of Cincinnati's plan to build 180 apartment units in the development's second phase.

While the zoning commission rejected the plan, residents let City Council know Thursday that they too strongly agree with the refusal.

"Concern from the community is how that difference in residential density is going to impact the community, and impact Fairfield Avenue, which is our main corridor into the city," John Yunger, Bellevue zoning administrator said.

The meeting, held at the Bellevue Community Center, was packed with people who are in favor, and people who are against the project.

Council reached no decision Thursday night.


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