Batavia Golden Corral held hostage by two masked men with shotguns in April, police say

Two men to face judge soon

BATAVIA, Ohio – Two masked men forced their way into a Batavia Golden Corral with sawed-off shotguns in an attempt to empty the restaurant’s safe in April, authorities announced Friday.

The incident happened when employees were closing the restaurant on 4394 Gleneste-Withamsville Road on April 13.

Authorities said Kenneth Chipemba and Kabinga Reuben Kwambana “herded” employees together at gunpoint in a common area of the restaurant and then zip tied their hands and feet.

One of the victims, the manager of the restaurant, was later untied and forced into the office of the restaurant at gunpoint to open the safe and put about $1,000 in a bag, officers said.

When the safe opened, the restaurant’s alarm company called to make sure no robbery was in place. Police said Chipemba and Kwambana then held the manager at gunpoint and forced him to tell alarm company representatives that “everything was alright.”

Despite the manager’s assurances, Union Township Police were sent to check on the restaurant. When they arrived on scene, the Chipemba and Kwambana were sill in the back office, police said.

Upon entering the restaurant, an employee tied up on the ground was able to communicate that Chipemba and Kwambana were still there using hand signals.

When the Chipemba and Kwambana exited from the rear of the restaurant, police stopped them at gunpoint and took them into custody.

Both Chipemba and Kwambana have pleaded guilty to four counts of kidnapping, all felonies of the first degree.

They both face a maximum of 44 years in prison.

Chipemba’s sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 4. Kwambana will be sentenced on Nov. 12.

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