Distracted diners causing longer wait times at Tri-State restaurants

CINCINNATI – You've heard about distracted drivers, but what about distracted diners?

This new trend might not be hurting anyone, but it could cause you to wait longer for a table.

So what are these distracted diners doing? Taking pictures.

“I love to show off my food and my friends and selfies,” Cincinnati diner Emily Auvio said.

Auvio is part of the dining dilemma.

When restaurant customers take photos of their food, text their friends and take selfies, it takes time away from, well, eating.

Auvio said she even asks for the restaurant’s Wi-Fi password to save on her data plan.

Sometimes people are so into their phones, they don't even notice their server.

“You don't even realize that the server is standing there because you're too busy texting someone,” said Robert LeBoeuf, a customer at a Cincinnati restaurant.

Amos Goodwin, a server at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery on Fountain Square, says he definitely notices the impact.

“Texting is a big reason why we wait for a lot of people, but you just tell them to stop,” Goodwin said. “Most people are very, very polite about it.”

Research shows that playing on your phone stretches the time it takes to dine out by an extra 50 minutes.

In fact, one New York restaurant was so concerned, it hired a company to review years of security video.

It wasn't a lazy staff. It was distracted diners.

And it's happening in the Tri-State.

“We told our waitress to come back like three times because we were busy chatting and on our phones instead of looking at the menu,” said patron Elizabeth Wagler

Do you take a lot of selfies or food photos when your at restaurants?

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