DJ's 2 Cents: Our first-round pick says a lot

CINCINNATI -- It is a three-day revenue stream for sports networks and a mid-spring excuse for football fans to ignore their lawns.

But the NFL draft still comes down to long-range forecasting – and the Bengals are getting better at it.

Gone are the dart board days when the Bengals claimed that elusive best player available in the first round.

By all accounts, Darqueze Dennard is a departure from Reinard Wilson – who had all the impact of a tickle fight.

Cincinnati has beefed up its scouting – and as of recently, boasts more hits than misses.

A disproportionate amount of focus falls on the first rounder.

So it will take time to totally live down David Klingler and Akili Smith.

But the fact many Bengals were lured away by huge free-agent money – and that even those released quickly find work – speaks to the efficacy of the Bengals’ homework.

Sure, it used to be fun mocking the Glen Collins' and Pete Kochs'.

We'll now have to occupy ourselves with real fun: Watching a far better pedigree of player represents our city on sports’ biggest stage.

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