Fall to-do list in the Tri-State

As the leaves change, the air becomes a bit cooler and the evenings become a little darker, we know it's that time of the year: fall is upon us.

October screams fear, but this month is much more than that.

Here's a Fall To-Do List for those looking to spice up this season in the Tri-State:

  • Spend an entire weekend devoted to watching the Michael Meyers 'Halloween' series
  • Make caramel apples
  • Collect the limited edition Jones' Halloween soda cans
  • Learn the dance to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller '
  • Collect leaves as they change colors (find green, brown, yellow and red)
  • Plan a weekend camping trip to one of Cincinnati's area locations: Cedarbrook Campground , Olive Branch or Great Parks of Hamilton County . If RV or tent camping isn't for you, there are many cabin rental options available in the area
  • Make a pinecone bird feeder
  • Fall = Football = Tailgating with friends and family! 
  • Throw on a sweater and scarf to spend a day touring a winery: Vinoklet Winery , Valley Vineyards and Elkcreek Vineyards  are only a few of a wide-variety of wineries in the Tri-State. Click here for a full listing of Ohio wineries
  • Enjoy the brisk fall air in a hot air ballon ride: Make reservations with Bella  or Gentle Breeze.
  • Take a look on Forgotten Ohio  or Dead Ohio , which lists "haunted" places in Ohio. Dare yourself to visit one each weekend in October
  • Visit a Cider Mill and taste the best of what fall has to offer, as well as picking some of the finest apples the season has cooked up: Check the listing of apple orchards and find one close to you
  • Throw a themed Halloween party. You could theme the entire house or by room.
  • Make hot buttered rum and other fall cocktails. (Pinterest  is a good site for this). To make it Halloween-oriented for a party, you could put the cocktails in jars and mark them as 'Witch's Brew' or 'Blood'
  • Take a few hours out of the busy life and get lost in a corn maze. Check here to find the best mazes in the Tri-State. Click here to see the best mazes in the U.S.
  • Tell ghost stories around a bonfire while wrapped up in your favorite blanket
  • Throw a devilish dinner party where everyone brings a fall or Halloween themed dish. Have multiple courses and make the evening into a 'who done it' mystery game between plates.
  • For the kids: create a fun, and less scary, Halloween party. Have the children carve pumpkins with an adult, outdoor races, scavenger hunts, mask making contests and coffin decorating
  • Make your own pumpkin spice latte
  • Make a trip to Findlay Market in OTR or The Friendly Market in NKY and buy some locally grown, fall food favorites like butternut squash, zucchini, carrots and harvest apples. Check my personal Yums & Slurps Food Pinterest Page and our  WCPO Pinterest for all kinds of recipe ideas
  • Fill your home with fall candles and air fresheners. The Yankee Candle Co . has many unique fall scents such as: Turkey & Stuffing, Pumpkin Wreath, Cozy Sweater, Autumn Leaves and Happy Halloween
  • Do the 3 day getaway weekend: Visit The Ghosts of Warren County, The Haunting in Cincinnati and The Tower of Terror in Dayton. Learn more at Discover Ohio
  • Take a fall foliage walk by yourself or maybe with the dog in one of our area parks: Mt. Airy Forest,  Alms, Eden, Sawyer, Owls Nest, and many more
  • "But everyone knows Halloween was created by the candy companies," a line from the go-to Halloween flick, Hocus Pocus. Learn how Halloween came to be 'All Hallows Eve'

What are your Tri-State fall traditions? Leave a comment in the section below!

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