Mom admits to being drunk while on Metro bus with 5 year old

CINCINNATI -- For the second time in little more than a year a mother was removed from a Metro bus when she was found drunk with her child next to her.

On Monday, Tiffany Robinson of Westwood was removed from a bus near East Central Parkway and Walnut Street after Cincinnati police received an anonymous tip. Her 5 year old was turned over to Hamilton Jobs and Family Services.

Robinson admitted to the situation on Tuesday in Hamilton County court, where she appeared on a count involving a separate alcohol-related incident.

"Basically I was a little intoxicated, I was drunk,” the 29 year old said. “I didn't mean no harm to my child or myself for real. I didn’t intend to harm both of us or whatever. I'm very hurt. I don't got my baby no more. "

Compounding Monday’s incident with her child, court records show social services investigated a similar case in January 2013 against Robinson when police found her intoxicated with the same child on another bus.

In Monday's incident Robinson was taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center to sober up. Her child was eventually handed over to the custody of family.

"I ain't no bad mama. I do love my baby," Robinson said in court. “I'm not running from the situation. I'm taking control over the best way I can and do what I can do to make it right and get my baby back. Flat out."

In Tuesday's court hearing Robinson faced charges stemming from a February incident where she is accused of throwing a beer can at a neighbor.

Police have yet to file charges in Monday’s incident. Social services is continuing their investigation as well.

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