Surveillance video released from Walnut Hills Metro Bus crash suggests safety belt enforcement

CINCINNATI -- New video footage of an accident involving a Cincinnati Metro Bus shows the chain events of a wild ride.

Surveillance video Wednesday shows the bus driver's view of the accident that happened in Walnut Hills in April. The driver of the car hit the bus, sending it into two buildings before coming to a stop on Gilbert Avenue. Watch how the crash unfolded in the video player above.

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The driver was the only person injured in the incident, but a witness on scene said he thought it would be much worse.

"The driver then lost control of the vehicle, hit one building, ricocheted off, then hit another building across the intersection," Ernest Jenkins said. "When she tore off and hit that, I though she was a goner."


The driver had just gotten off work, and was on her way back to the bus station to complete her shift that Wednesday.

A car turning off Chapel Street slammed into the side of the bus. The bus then crossed the double yellow line, narrowly missed a car coming the other way before striking a parking sign and crashing into the an overhead door attached to a building.

The bus didn't stop and started dragging debris down Gilbert, just inches from striking a car, heading across Lincoln before crashing into a home.

She has not yet returned to work.

The accident draws concern about Metro's policy for safety belts and suggests that drivers should be buckled in, Metro said. The video shows the driver trying to hold on, but she was slammed down to the floor.

"Our drivers are not required to wear seatbelts and we have never forced them to do that, but we strongly encourage it," Sallie Hilvers of Metro said. "We are going back now and taking a look at the policy to see if we ought to be revising it."