Fairfield police search for shoplifting suspect who led them on 2 West Kemper Road chases

FAIRFIELD, Ohio -- Fairfield police are looking for a man who led them on two high-speed chases down West Kemper Road on Friday after he and another person were involved in a shoplifting incident at a Meijer on Winton Road.

According to a Hamilton County dispatcher, the suspects were in a car when they were confronted by police. At that point they sped away and led officers on a chase before getting their car pinned between a police cruiser and something else near the intersection of West Kemper Road and Kingsbury Drive.

The suspects were trying to avoid stop-sticks when the crash occurred, the dispatcher said.

After the initial wreck, one of the suspects managed to get out of the vehicle, steal a red minivan and lead units on another chase down West Kemper Road before crashing for a second time. He then got out of the minivan and ran into a wooded area, according to a Hamilton County dispatcher.

Law enforcement officials shut down roadways in the area of Hamilton Avenue and West Kemper Road to look for the suspect. Canine units have been called in to assist with the search.

The dispatcher said a second suspect was apprehended.

Information about the identifies of the two men has not been released.

The dispatcher says witnesses did not see a "weapon of any kind" during any part of the incident.

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