Teen alerts man of mobile home fire, helps him out safely

LOCKLAND, Ohio -- A teen may have saved the life of a Loveland resident, whose home was hit by lightning Tuesday evening.

Greg Couch was at his home in Woodville Mobile Home Park when he heard lightning strike, but he didn't realize that the bolt hit his home, instead, he thought it hit somewhere nearby. No one was home with Couch at the time.

His neighbor, 16-year-old Jack McWhorter, saw smoke billowing from the home. He ran over to alert Couch, and help his handicapped neighbor get out safely.

"He had no idea, just no idea what was going on," McWhorter said. "By the time he got his shoes on and grabbed his walker, the smoke was rolling through the house."

Couch said McWhorter "grabbed the keys to my car which I thought was great thinking."

"So I just got in my car, backed it up, pulled down here out of the way, and watched everything going on. Pretty weird to watch your home go up."

The lightning strike set fire to the home, and it was a total loss before the flames could be stopped, according to Goshen Twp. fire crews.

Couch said he'd stay with friends and family in the meantime.

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