I-Team: Aberdeen Mayor Harry Foxworthy resigns

ABERDEEN, Ohio -- The mayor of Aberdeen resigned Wednesday – the same day a former officer of the Aberdeen Police Department filed a lawsuit against the village.

The I-Team learned Mayor Harry Foxworthy tendered his resignation after the suit was filed. There’s no indication the two events are related.

Former Aberdeen officer Matt Disney filed his lawsuit against the village by certified mail claiming he was fired for speaking out about his then boss, Police Chief Greg Caudill.

Before he was fired, Disney told Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) agents that Caudill was working two jobs at the same time – one as police chief and another at a private company. Caudill would later find out about Disney's conversation with investigators, according to a secret recording obtained by the I-Team .

"(Caudill) would call and have me clock him in," Disney told the I-Team in November. “I felt that what I was doing was wrong or could get me in trouble, but I didn't want to go against my chief's orders."

Council member Bille Eitel said Disney’s troubles began in May 2013 after the young officer complained to his corporal about the chief asking him to punch his timecards.

After Disney spoke with investigators, a department sergeant failed the officer on his annual firearms qualification -- one of five reasons given for his termination.

"He's being retaliated against," Eitel told the I-Team in November. “He felt that Caudill was working elsewhere and somebody was clocking him in and out. In fact, he was honest enough to tell me that he had clocked him in and out himself."

But Disney said he got in trouble for speaking out.

State agents investigated Caudill, but chose not to file charges.

Caudill, who is still on the job, would not speak to the I-Team.

Disney is now a full-time employee with the Felicity Police Department.

The I-Team learned members of the village council voted on an out-of-court settlement with Disney. However, Foxworthy broke a 3-3 tie and decided not to settle.

Foxworthy has not commented on his resignation.

WCPO Web Editor Maxim Alter contributed to this report

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