Park West Behind-the-Scenes part 5: Light at the end of the Over-the-Rhine renovation tunnel

Developer already has waiting list for apartments

CINCINNATI – Peter Frey can see the end in sight.

Installation of sprinkler, electric and plumbing systems are well under way at Grandin Properties’ Park West development in Over-the-Rhine.

Framing and drywall should be finished by July 1. He expects to start giving tours to prospective tenants soon after.

“We haven’t had any bumps in the last month, so that’s a great thing,” said Frey, who is pictured below. Frey is business development manager for Hyde Park-based Grandin.



To give the public a better idea of what it takes to bring a historic building back to life, Grandin has given WCPO exclusive access to the Park West project from start to finish to document the work involved.

WCPO published the “before” story on March 9, a couple weeks after an initial tour of the properties at 26 W. 13th St. and 28 W. 13th St., which are being joined to create Park West. Part two was published after a tour March 19, about three weeks after initial demolition had begun inside the buildings. The third installment of the series was based on a tour taken April 16, and the fourth was based on a tour May 21.

These pictures were taken during a tour June 18.

From outside the building, the most visible sign of progress is the addition being built on the rear of the building at 28 W. 13th St. The extra space will accommodate bedrooms for the apartments, and each of the units on that side of the development also will have a deck.



The four apartment units in that building aren’t as far along as the units in the adjacent structure at 26 W. 13th St. The orange pipe in this photo below is the start of the sprinkler system in the building.



The apartment units in 28 W. 13th St. will have two windows with great views of the newly renovated Washington Park.



The photo below, taken in the fourth-floor apartment in that building, shows how much work is left to be done. The rear addition had not yet been built to the top of the structure when this photo was taken so the hallway in the fourth-floor apartment led to bright sunshine.



More progress is visible inside the seven units that will be contained in 26 W. 13th St. The plastic on the wall of this apartment pictured below offers a layer of protection for the unit’s exposed brick while construction continues.



The framing shown below gives a better idea of where the apartment’s bathroom and closet will be located. Grandin is reusing some of the molding that was in the building before demolition began.



This framing in the following photo shows where the apartment’s kitchen will be located. The stove and sink will be on one side of the kitchen, and cabinets will be on the other side.



Installation of heating and air conditioning systems also has begun in some of the units in 26 W. 13th St.



Drywall is ready to go up in the bedroom of this unit, shown below.



Crews begun installing electrical systems in the units in that building, too, as the photo below shows.



Wiring will extend over the apartments’ fireplaces, shown in the following photo, so renters can place their televisions above the mantels.



Park West will have one two-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of the building at 26 W. 13th St. That unit will have a roof-top deck that will extend to the black blocks shown in the photo below. The deck also will have a railing.



The two-bedroom apartment’s kitchen also will have a skylight that already has been installed.



Park West remains on track to be complete in the fall, Frey said. He’s shown in the photo below near where the steps to the two-bedroom apartment’s rooftop deck will be located.



Grandin already has a waiting list of six people who are interested in touring the units and possibly renting them when they are completed. Frey said the company will be giving tours on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information about Park West, contact Grandin at



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