The Butterfly Show returns to Krohn Conservatory Saturday

CINCINNATI -- The Butterfly Show, featuring Costa Rica, will be back in town Saturday at Krohn Conservatory.

Butterflies are exotic, so Krohn Conservatory is taking precautions to protect Cincinnati's environment.

When doors open Saturday morning, visitors can find themselves surrounded by more than 600 butterflies from Costa Rica, and can be up close and personal with the docile and colorful insects.

"Some of the best butterflies in the world come from Costa Rica because they have the most perfect region for this," Andrea Schepmann, Krohn Conservatory director said.

Before the butterflies flutter in Eden Park, Krohn Conservatory had to cut through government red tape. Getting some 16,000 butterflies into the conservatory wasn't simple, Schepmann said.

"There are about 18 pages of guidelines that come from the USDA," Schepmann said. "It's a very heavily protected thing, and it's because were bringing something exotic in from outside of our borders."

The paperwork aims to ensure that the butterflies won't escape, because they might have germs or viruses that could harm Cincinnati's butterfly population.

"You'll see there are double doorways. There are door guards with nets. All of that, it does slow up traffic. Some people do get a little antsy and irritated because it takes a while to get in, but once you're here, you are literally immersed with all these butterflies," Schepmann said.

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Butterflies to be released for Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show

(WCPO web editor Holly Pennebaker contributed to this report.)

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