The 'Nati responds to having their Cincinnati chili called 'horrifying diarrhea sludge'

CINCINNATI - The 'Nati isn't happy

WCPO's Alyssa Dailey sounded off on a Deadspin story from writer Albert Burneko who called Cincinnati chili "horrifying diarrhea sludge" and worse than getting hit by a car.

After the story published, chili lovers sounded off too, and we've gathered the best social media and local responses to the story that says our own iconic chili is the worst regional food in the country.

French master chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, owner of Jean-Robert’s Table on Vine Street, says Cincinnati’s chili is a tradition.

“I came to Cincinnati 20 years ago, and I remember…my sous-chef brought me to one of the chili parlors,” he said. “When I have visitors coming from Europe or friends coming from New York, we have to got to one of the chili parlors.

Jean-Robert said he doesn’t agree with how Deadspin’s article described the local favorite.

“Is it better to get hit by a car? Absolutely not. It's not the food I would eat every day. But once in a while, I understand why people crave for it. It's tasty.”


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