Tyler Wilkerson: Greenpeace protester 'proud' to be part of ordeal

'I felt it was necessary to take action'

CINCINNATI -- One of the Greenpeace protesters who dangled outside of Procter & Gamble's Cincinnati headquarters on a zip line says he is "proud" of what he did.

Tyler Wilkerson, 26, of San Diego, Calif., says his mug shot now sits prominently in his office at work.

"Greenpeace has talked to Procter & Gamble for years and years and you know deforestation is not a new problem so I felt it was necessary to take action,” Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson, a one-time Marine, spent close to 28 hours in jail, along with the other eight protestors. He says he is prepared to face the consequences of his actions.

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Wilkerson and the others have been charged with felonies, including burglary and vandalism. P&G says it suffered $17,000 in damage to windows, which Wilkerson admits to bolting to keep security and police from getting to them.

"For safety reasons you know we wanted to make sure nobody would be coming out messing with the anchors,” he said.

One thing Wilkerson and the others won’t talk about: How they were able to sneak all the climbing gear past the building’s security.

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He compares his actions to that of other activists throughout history, who he says broke the law but stood up for what they believed in.

The felony charges against Wilkerson and the others carry up to nine and a half years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

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