Analysis: Accident-prone intersections in Butler and Warren counties are growth fallout

Intersection near Kings Island among worst

MASON, Ohio -- As thousands of Tri-State families and out-of-town thrill seekers flock to Kings Island this season to ride the park’s new rollercoaster, public safety officials are warning travelers that the scariest ride may be on the way there.

The intersection of Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive ranked among the top intersections in Warren County where the most crashes occurred in 2013, according to a WCPO analysis of data from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

“During the peak season involving the park, this is one of our highest areas for traffic accidents,” said Sgt. Clint Arnold at the Warren County Highway Patrol post.

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State troopers and Mason police officers are expected to have an added presence near the Kings Island entrance Friday and through the weekend, timed with the park’s 2014 opening. The Ohio Department of Transportation will also post signs reminding drivers to watch for stopped traffic near the exit ramp on I-71, Arnold said.

“Our severe injuries occur most on Interstate 71 northbound when traffic gets backed up all the way to the interstate from Kings Island,” he said.

Arnold said the 145-foot width of the Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive intersection makes it challenging for cars to pass through the high-traffic area before the lights change, and many cars haven’t slowed down when they get off the exit-ramp from I-71.

“They are entering the intersection at essentially close to highway speeds,” he said.

Insiders can find a list of the 14 intersections with the most crashes in Butler and Warren counties and explore an interactive map of the crashes in those counties.




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