World's Longest Yard Sale is 690 miles of deals

Maybe it's the hazy summer heat that convinces us we need to buy that entire box of wrestling action figures—or maybe it's just garage sale fever setting in—but you know you're going to buy them.

If you're a thrifter, flea market master, or you're second-hand-savvy, you might want to sit down. We've found the world's largest four-day yard sale. You're going to need a really big trunk.

Traditionally, the annual 127 Corridor Sale begins the first Thursday of August and goes for four solid days of hardcore thrifting — that means this year’s sale starts Aug. 7. The fun begins at Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama, and goes for a whopping 690 miles along Route 127, ending in Addison, Michigan.

The World’s Longest Yard Sale draws thousands of venders from all over the country. Everyone from local businesses to families dragging all their junk down to the tables for you to pick through, hawk their wares along Route 127.


If you partake, expect to find loads of hand-made jewelry, collectibles, second-hand furniture, weird knick knacks, candles, crafts and plenty of diet-destroying food.

If other people's stuff isn't enough to lure you from the comforts of your air-conditioning, many of the routes along the 127 Corridor Sale include more than 300 roadside attractions, historical sites, waterfalls, hiking trails and plenty of other places to spend your cash.

In its first incarnation, the World's Longest Yard Sale was just a flea market along U.S. 127, created by Fentress County executive Mike Walker in 1987. But over the years the gargantuan sale has expanded and turned into a cultural phenomenon, with people coming from all over the world just to participate.

In a lot of ways, the sale has become a traveling festival, with a community vibe and attendees that come back year after year to participate.

The downside to the whole extravaganza? Loads of traffic, but at least you won't have to slow down to check out all the tables.

If you're attending this year's 127 Corridor Sale, the fun starts bright and early Thursday morning and wraps up on Aug. 10.

Gas up your car, grab your rainy day cash, a get ready to find some treasures! All you have to do is show up and shop!

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